Results Guaranteed or
Cancel the Listing

Tired of Hearing Agent Outrageous Promises and No Results?

Performance Guaranteed or Cancel the Listing,
Get The Marketing Plan In Writing

Many people think real estate agents make way too much money and don't do enough to earn it. I agree.

Home sellers take the bait and swallow the listing sales pitch. They ink with the wrong agent and then get stuck with a long-term contract they can't get out of. They need to get on to their new life and they can't.

Performance Guaranteed or Cancel the Listing

The solution is my List with No Risk Performance Guarantee*. You can cancel the listing at any time if I don't perform. I put my home marketing plan in writing.  I promise to be in constant contact with you every step of the way. The ‘List with No Risk’ Guarantee* is your insurance policy that you can break the contract if I don’t do as promised. It’s that simple. This is the best way to avoid the stress, the uncertainty and the unknowing of selling your home.

Non-performance by either party and you or I can cancel at any time by saying “I want to cancel the listing”. Simple. The cancellation is effective the moment you or I call. Allow two (2) business days to have the sign removed and the listing cancelled from the Multiple Listing Service.

Have the peace of mind knowing you will not be locked into a lengthy long-term contract. My level of service is so high, I am confident you’ll be satisfied with the results.

Commission Paid on
Actual Work Done

The second complaint people have is agents make too much. I believe agents should get paid for the service they provide. Most agents charge you the same fee regardless how your home sells. And many agents don’t give enough service to earn what they get.

Get commission flexibility with List with No Risk, from “full service” to “do-it-yourself”.

• 0% - You find the buyer and no other agent is involved. You don’t want my assistance to close. You pay nothing.

• 1% - You find the buyer and no other agent involved. I write the contract and manage the transaction through escrow with you.

• 3 1/2% - I find the buyer and write the contract. No other agent involved.

• 4 ½% - Another agent represents the buyer and you buy another home thru me.

• 5% - Another agent represents the buyer. My commission is 2.5% and the buyer’s agent is 2.5%

Easy Next Steps to Learn More

1. Call & set up a time to meet in the comfort of your home

2. Get your questions answered & see if this meets your goals

3. Strategize staging, pricing, timetable & marketing schedule

Performance Guaranteed or Cancel the Listing &
Commissions Paid on Actual Work Done

This is what you get with the LIST WITH NO RISK GUARANTEE*. If this is more what you have in mind, let’s talk about what you want to accomplish and in what timeframe. Along with MEGA HOME MARKETING, we can develop a go forward strategy to get you the most for your home faster with no risk.

Call or text me at 619-823-3500 or click the button below

* The List With No Risk Guarantee applies to being able to cancel the listing, not any risk associated with catching the COVID-19 virus. I recommend social distancing, disinfecting where ever others may touch surfaces and showing your home only when potential buyers and agents have shown a genuine interest to purchase your home.

Vic Yamauchi

Associate Broker,
Real Estate Marketer

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After 40+ years in real estate and mortgage, I know a few things about buying and selling homes and how to get financing done. I know a few things about marketing too having a degree in marketing plus numerous certifications to stay current.

With experience and knowledge comes the wisdom to give good advice and guidance to achieve your next goal in life. See my full bio here.

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