Mega Home Marketing: A Full Marketing Plan
Not Just Sales Tactics

Sell Your Home For More,
Faster With No Risk

What's The Big Deal?

Your home is worth more at the beginning of the listing because of the 'New, Bright & Shiny' factor. Influencing the home buyer’s value perception early is key to creating a sense of urgency when it’s fresh on the market.

The first thirty days are critical. By building high traffic at the beginning, buyers and agents wonder “How high an offer will it take to get mine accepted?”. Paid online advertising puts your home in front of buyers and agents right now rather than finding your home when they search on their timeframe.

And promoting the home with paid advertising is exactly what most agents don't do. They market themselves. Look at most yard signs. Or on social media. It's normally ME, ME AND ME promotion.

The Right Now
Urgency Problem

After a home has been on the market for 30 days or more, buyers and agents wonder “Why hasn’t it sold?” or “What is wrong with that house?” Buyer think “I wonder how low the seller will go?”. You see, your home is now worth less because the time-on-the-market value perception and sense of urgency is gone.

Why? Homes that sit on the market have a ‘dented can’ perception crisis. Buyers bumping into each other at the first week is much more desired. The pricing power you get from “Mega Home Marketing” is the night and day difference from  “List and Pray”. This crucial difference is what separates the agent you want to hire and the average agent everyone else gets.

Here's The Better Solution:
Black Friday Excitement

  • The goal is get buyers to think “How high can I go to beat the other buyers?” rather than “How low will the seller go?”
  • Mega Home Marketing builds a dynamic auction-like environment by funneling 10 times more buyers and agents to your virtual front door the first week
  • I pump marketing dollars into a paid online social marketing campaign for two weeks prior about your home for sale, builds Black Friday excitement the first week virtual doors open to the public and agents

  • The Mega Home Marketing Strategy…

    The Mega Home Marketing Strategy builds a Black Friday-like atmosphere and gets 10 times more buyers and buyer agents through your virtual front door the very first week. Again, your home is worth the most in the beginning of the listing. Influencing the home buyer’s value perception early is key to creating a sense of urgency when it’s new to the market.

    • Markets your home to highly targeted buyers within a 15 mile radius of your home, most likely to buy your home;
    • Creates a competitive auction-like environment; finds your ideal buyer faster who is willing to pay more;
    • Compresses more buyers into the sales funnel at the same time, forcing buyers to drive up the perceived value in order to win the bidding war or find the right buyer quicker;
    • Get more buyer agents to preview and virtual show your home the first week than most agents do in months;
    • Puts your 'nosy neighbors' to work for you by making them a part of the marketing effort;
    • Get critical feedback from buyers and agents the first week to make marketing and pricing adjustments quickly when the home is fresh and desirable;
    • Increases the likelihood your home sells within the specific timeframe you want;
    • Gives you Peace of Mind having a real marketing strategy you can understand;
    • Allows you to get on to your next stage of life faster and with more walk-away cash than if you hired the average or discount agent.

    Limited Time Bonus

    For a limited time, when we work together, at my expense, I will 1) bring in a professional home stager to give you tips and advice to stage your home to sell for more, 2) have a home inspector come by to see what repairs, if any, to prep for when the buyer's home inspection takes place, 3) lease a home security camera so you can monitor the action your home is getting and a termite inspection if it's obvious termite and dry rot damage will need repairs.

    Your Benefits

    - Increases the likelihood your home sells within the specific time frame you want;
    - Greatly enhances the highest sales price possible for you;
    - Valuable feedback collected during the first week to make immediate adjustments to the price strategy & marketing efforts
    - Gives you Peace of Mind having a real marketing strategy that makes sense rather than piece meal tactics;
    - Allows you to get on to your next stage of life faster, with more walk-away cash than if you hired a discount or 'Just OK' agent.
    - And if I don't perform as promised, you can cancel the listing at any time. You get the power knowing you are in control.

    Does Fit For Your Needs?

    There is much more detail in the Mega Home Marketing Strategy best explained in person. As every home is different and unique, so are the people who have unique needs and wants to consider. What may work for your neighbor, may not be the same for you. Click below, call or text 619-823-3500 to set up a no obligation, no sales talk consultation with me.

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    3. Bring in my team of experts to strategize staging, pricing, and marketing schedule

    Vic Yamauchi

    Associate Broker,
    Real Estate Marketer

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    After 40+ years in real estate and mortgage, I know a few things about buying and selling homes and how to get home financing done. I know a few things about marketing too having a degree in marketing plus numerous certifications to stay current.

    With experience and knowledge comes the wisdom to give good advice and guidance to achieve your next goal in life. See my full bio here.

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