Get Over 11,000 Online Home Views the First Week

Why You Need Paid Online Advertising

In this Stay At Home environment online views of your home for sale are more important than ever. Today it's not about foot traffic but online eyeballs.

The Key Is Paid Online Advertising

Many real estate agents say they do internet online marketing but have no results to show. Many say what they must to get the listing contract signed. No marketing plan, no paid advertising ad copy, no results. They throw it on the MLS and wait for someone else to sell the home for them.

Proof Case Study

This online ad ran online recently and on Facebook for seven days.

The results were as follows:

Clients get daily verifiable proof of their online advertising at work, not just promises.

Why Paid Online Advertising Matters

Engages Now, Not Wait For Engagement

You want aggressive marketing working for you. Your home in front of buyers now not when they decide to search.

Online Views Can Be Verified & You Should See Ads In Action

You get a copy of the results daily and the same ad follows you around the Net as it does potential home buyers

Integral Part of a Larger Marketing Strategy

Individual tactics have minimal results. A  click should lead to lead page, a 3D virtual home tour and Web follows after the visit.

Agents Should Do More to Sell Your Home

You pay a lot in commissions. You should get a lot more in services than what most home sellers currently do.

The solution is paid online advertising

ONLINE. That's where over 94% of all home buyers start their home search.

PAID ADVERTISING. Not just post in the MLS and let the MLS syndicate your home listing to 200 other real estate portals like Zillow. That but also internet advertising to put your home in front of buyers who are currently home shopping and keep it in front of their eyes the first week. When your home is worth the most.

PART OF A BIGGER MARKETING STRATEGY. They are directed to a lead capture website page featuring your home to view professional photos. Learn more about MEGA HOME MARKETING.

They can then see a 24/7 3D VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE TOUR that literally walks them through your front door, thru your home and each room in a 360 degree presentation. And gives a floor plan visual. It beats the pants off of free virtual tours of moving pictures.

Then the ad they clicked on then follows them around the internet using a method called "RETARGETING" also called 'REMARKETING". This is done by placing a cookie in their web browser. Many buyers need up to six views before they get what they just saw. LIKE AMAZON where you search for an product, don't buy then it follows you around the web.




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VIC YAMAUCHI  //  Broker Associate

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I provide a higher standard of care as a licensed Broker and various certifications to enhance my ability to serve. Having been through the inflation times of the early 80's, several recessions including the Great Recession of 2008, I learned and experienced enough to advise you through whatever you may face today. Let me a shout and I'm happy to help...

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